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Jon Stewart says Apple TV+ canceled his show out of fear he’d say something that would get him in trouble

As Jon Stewart readies himself to return to The Daily Show, the comedian, entertainment news host, and activist wants to open up about why Apple TV+ canceled his show, The Problem With Jon Stweart, ahead of election season. Speaking with CBS Mornings, Stewart says Apple ended his series after two seasons out of fear he’d say something that would land him in trouble. While Stewart is used to being a target of judgment and ridicule, Apple TV+ hopes to keep their noses clean and free from backlash, especially with a heated political battle looming on the horizon.

“I wanted a place to unload thoughts as we get into this election season,” Stewart said. “I thought I was going to do it over at — they call it Apple TV+. It’s a television enclave, very small. It’s like living in Malibu. But they decided … they felt that they didn’t want me to say things that might get me in trouble.”

Thankfully, Stewart returns to The Daily Show for a once-a-week hosting spot during the forthcoming presidential election. Stewart returns to the late-night comedy program 25 years after first sitting behind the desk to deliver news with a comedic twist to countless fans. Stewart left The Daily Show eight years ago. Trevor Noah filled the void left by Stewart, enjoying another successful run as the bearer of outrageous news.

In addition to Stewart’s return, a rotating chair of the show’s correspondents will also host. The lineup of guest hosts includes Desi Lydic, Michael Kosta, Ronny Chieng, and Jordan Klepper. Stewart is responsible for hosting Monday nights, with correspondents picking up the torch for other days in the schedule. Stewart’s anticipated return begins on February 12.

Stewart says he aims to provide The Daily Show viewers with a “catharsis” as tempers flare, misinformation runs rampant, and people worry about the future of the United States of America. He sees The Daily Show platform as a “way to comment on things and a way to express them that hopefully people will enjoy.”

Are you excited about Jon Stewart returning to The Daily Show? What do you think about Apple canceling The Problem With Jon Stewart over concerns about striking the wrong nerve with viewers? Let us know in the comments below.

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